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The staff at Radha-IIHT are chosen for their integrity and for their devotion to patient care. Their technical skills and professionalism are continually monitored and evaluated.

The size, technical skills and experience of our hair transplants team allows Dr. Radha to perform large transplant sessions when they are indicated. The large clinical staff allows the assistants to be rotated so that they are alert and focused throughout these long-transplant sessions. This ensures that the highest quality of work is maintained throughout the entire surgical hair restoration session.

Our clinical staff work hard to make your experience at Radha-IIHT a pleasant one. We are aware that many patients are apprehensive of having any type of surgery and we are careful to make sure that you are relaxed and comfortable throughout your hair transplant or repair procedure (see the Procedure).

We will give you detailed pre-and post-op instructions, both verbally and in writing, so you will know exactly what to expect throughout the entire hair replacement surgery process. You are encouraged to call or visit us any time you have questions. We will schedule both short and long-term follow-up visits to assess your hair restoration progress

At RIIHT providing you with exceptional medical and surgical care is our primary concern. We will work hard to ensure that your entire experience with us is a positive one.

Miss. Ritto Abraham.

Trained at DHT clinic)

P. Vujwala

General Nursing


General Nursing