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Salient Features

Sailient Features of Hair Transplant Surgery

Dr.Radha Rani is the first Indian to have dual degree in Hair restoration surgery performing Follicular Unit Grafting in her state of art clinic at Visakhapatnam, India. She is American Board certified – ABHRS, as well as Graduate Fellow ISHRS.

Radha-International Institute of Hair Transplant is committed to providing the very finest in hair restoration in an ethical, professional, and safe environment.


Sailient Features of Hair Transplant Surgery

F.U.T technique ensures natural, undetectable results with no Barbie-doll appearance.
Transplanted hair is forever and will not fall out.
Patient friendly surgical procedure. You can get back to work the very next day.
No side-effects
No side-effects
Out-patient procedure that doesn’t require hospital stay. You can drive back home after the surgery
Transplanted hair does not require any medication or special care.

Our Staff

The staff at Radha-IIHT are chosen for their integrity and for their devotion to patient care. Their technical skills and professionalism .


Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments specifically tailored for our pioneering Follicular Unit Hair Transplants.

Why us

Radha International Institute of hair transplant provides world class Follicular Unit Transplantation( FUT) at affordable prices.