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RIIHT is a state-of-the-art hair transplant centre started by Dr. Radha Rani.

RIIHT is an exclusive center offering hair transplant surgery at international standards. It is one stop center for hair loss assessment, documentation, dermatological consultation, counseling, medical and surgical management. Our Chief Surgeon is Dr Radha and all procedures are done by her.

RIIHT offers consultation for patients with male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, hair loss following child birth,scars from burns, injury, and cleft lip. Hair transplant surgery is provided for patients requiring repair or accentuation of eyebrows, beard, moustache and side burns. Repair for previous hair transplant surgeries, hair line reconstruction and revision are also taken up.

With the aim of providing all facilities under one roof for hair, it has included long pulsed Nd yag laser for permanent reduction of unwanted hair.

Latest techniques in hair transplant – FUT and FUE are employed judiciously to give permanent and natural results to patients. Patients have an enriching experience at RIIHT with personalized attention from the chief surgeon Dr. Radha, maintaining absolute patient confidentiality. In her constant academic and clinical pursuit, she updates herself with the latest developments, thereby passing on the benefits to the patient. RIIHT has an internationally trained staff with a rich experience in microscopic preparation of grafts. This helps minimize wastage of grafts, obtain optimal distribution, and plan mega sessions. The staff is extremely cordial, providing the patients with a pleasant experience. Dr. Radha and RIIHT ensure the best professional and ethical standards including patient confidentiality.

RIIHT is located at Visakhapatnam, India which is well connected to all important cities of India and abroad. Patients could consult the doctor in person, through email or telephone. It also has an advisory faculty of senior doctors from the world over.

Our Staff

The staff at Radha-IIHT are chosen for their integrity and for their devotion to patient care. Their technical skills and professionalism .


Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments specifically tailored for our pioneering Follicular Unit Hair Transplants.

Why us

Radha International Institute of hair transplant provides world class Follicular Unit Transplantation( FUT) at affordable prices.